The Literary and Cultural Studies (LCS) programme at FLAME University is a unique offering that aims to expose students to the study of various literatures and cultures across genres and regions. Drawing upon inter-disciplinary concepts and theoretical frameworks, the program integrates the use of many methods from cultural, literary, social, aesthetic and historical approaches, to enable the study of literary and cultural forms. Through this approach, students examine a range of questions: How have different literary genres evolved and how are they analysed? How is literature and culture reflective of aesthetic and social questions in a contemporary milieu? What is culture? How have different cultural forms been shaped and adapted in varied social contexts? How and why do issues of gender, nationality and identity impact cultural patterns, indigenous knowledge systems and worldviews?

The Literary and Cultural Studies major equips students to generate analyses and critical insights rooted in appropriate methodological approaches, through reflective and creative reading and writing practices. The students will be able to evaluate and analyse a wide range of texts such as literary works, academic writing, travelogues, historical and geographical narratives, biographies and media texts.

AIMS OF THE PROGRAMME–> A sequence of courses will explore significant concepts and introduce students to a range of literary and cultural genres and forms. Students explore the works of important writers in multiple genres from many countries and time periods along with the history of ideas. The initial courses in the major introduce students to a survey of genres and basic concepts in literary and cultural theories. These courses aim at exploring multiple perspectives while anchored in a relevant theoretical framework. The subsequent courses will focus on applying varied theories and critically evaluating texts as cultural forms. The Cultural Studies courses offer a specific focus on South Asia.

1. Recognise varied literary traditions and cultural forms across genres and periods

2. Demonstrate an appreciation of generic conventions

3. Identify cultural dynamics through the use of relevant theoretical frameworks

4. Discuss an informed and sensitized approach on varied cultural worldviews

5. Apply inter-disciplinary tools of analysis and evaluation

6. Critically evaluate texts across genres and media

7. Evaluate scholarship to evidence analytical insight

8. Critique texts and understand them as cultural products 9 Generate original thought in written or other creative forms


Students write essays, review scholarly sources, and critically address cultural texts. In the Literary and Cultural Studies program, students evaluate and articulate interpretations of their own, and so receive a preparation for advanced level graduate study.
With its emphasis on critical thinking, evaluative readings and analytical writing, this Program enables students to pursue careers in Publishing, Editing, Education, Creative Writing, Journalism and Law.

In LCS (Literary and Cultural Studies), we

1. Provide students with an understanding of concepts, relevant theoretical frameworks and multiple approaches in the pursuit of Literary and Cultural Studies

2. Develop in students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of cultural forms across different geographical regions and enable them to develop an understanding of the social, political and cultural milieus

3. Develop an understanding of varied literary forms across genres to introduce students to diverse literary traditions

4. Expose students to indigenous knowledge systems and multiple worldviews towards creating empathetic readers and citizens

5. Foster skills in close reading, critical analysis and teamwork

6. Equip students with research methods skills and enable them to write different types of critical academic essays, evaluative response papers, etc.

7. Prepare students for professional engagement in creative, evaluative and analytical profiles

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